Shree Ram Mandir 2024

Mothers, Sisters and Brothers,

On the auspicious day of approaching Paush Shukla Dwadashi, Vikram Samvat 2080, (dated January 22Monday, 2024 CE), the new Vigrah (Deity) of the child form of Bhagwan Shri Ram will be installed in the sanctum sanctorum of the ground floor of the new temple being built on the birthplace of Shri Ram.

On this occasion, there will be an atmosphere of unprecedented joy and celebration in Ayodhya. You too, on the day of Praan-Pratishthaa (life infusion and opening of the divine eyes) ceremony (between 11:00 am and 01:00 pm IST), may gather the devotees of Ram from the neighbourhood in a temple located in your village, locality, colony and perform Bhajan-Kirtan, organize conch blowing, bell ringing, Aarti (service of light), distribution of prasad (blessed food) and also show to the society the live-telecast of the ceremony from Ayodhya on TV set or screen!

The nature of the programme should be temple centric; do Bhajan-Kirtan-Aarti-Puja of the gods and goddesses enshrined in your temple and collectively chant the Vijay Mahamantra ‘Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram’ 108 times. Along with this, you can also do collective recitation of Hanuman Chalisa, Sunderkand, Ram Raksha Stotra, etc. All the divinities will be happy, the atmosphere everywhere will become saatvik and Raamamay. The consecration ceremony will be telecast live by Doordarshan and also many other TV channels.

On the day of Praan-Pratishthaa, in the evening after sunset, light a lamp in front of your house to please the divinities or make decorations with circlets of lamps. Let this festival of lights be celebrated in millions of homes across the world!

You are requested to come to Ayodhyaji along with your family and friends at your convenient time after the consecration day to have Darshan of Bhagwan Shri Ram Lalla and see the newly constructed temple after over 500 years and receive the blessings of Shri Ram ji. You know, the goal of every Hindu spiritual practice and protocol is to unlock divinity locked in matter.

Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Teerth Kshetra