Shree Ram Mandir 2024

  1. The temple is being built in traditional Naagar style.
  2. The length of the temple (East-West) is 380 feet, width 250 feet and height 161 feet.
  3. Three storey temple – height of every storey is 20 feet; total 392 pillars; 44 doors.
  4. Ground floor sanctum sanctorum – Deity of Bhagwan Shri Ram’s child form (Shri Ramlala – Presiding); First floor sanctum sanctorum – Shri Ram Darbar (Court of Ram).
  5. A total of five Mandapams (pavilions), viz., Nritya Mandap, Rang Mandap (pavilion with a centre stage),
  6. Guudh Mandap (assembly/esoteric pavilion), Prarthana/prayer pavilion, Kirtan Mandap.
    Carvings/Statues of gods and goddesses on the pillars and walls.
  7. Entry will be from the East (Singhadwar/Lions’ Gate), by climbing 32 steps (height 16.5 feet).
  8. Provision of ramps and lifts for the elderly and differently abled.
  9. Rectangle Parkotaa (ramparts/Praakaar) all around – length 732 meters, width 4.25 meters; four temples of Divinities Surya Dev, Shankar Bhagwan, Ganapati Dev, Goddess Bhagwati at four corners of the Parkota/ramparts; Bajrangbali Hanuman Ji on the southern flank/arm of the ramparts and Mata Annapurna on the northern flank.
  10. Pristine Sitakoop (well) dating from ancient Pauraanik Kaal/period near the temple.
  11. Other temples proposed on Shri Ram Janmbhoomi temple complex – Maharshi Valmiki, Maharshi Vasisth, Maharshi Vishwaamitra, Maharshi Agastya, Nishaadraaj Guha, Mata Shabari and Devi Ahilya.
  12. Renovation of the Shiva temple located on the Navratna Kuber Tila (mound) on the south-western part and installation of idol of the Ram devotee Pakshiraaj Jatayu.